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Get real-time feedback, progress tracking & personalized feedback. Start learning today.
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April 17, 2024
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About the Yousician app

Yousician is a music education platform that offers interactive assignments and tools for learning guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, singing, and songwriting. The app provides step-by-step guidance and feedback on playing, with the end of helping druggies learn and ameliorate their chops in a fun and engaging way. Yousician’s assignments cover colorful stripes and styles, from gemstone and pop to classical, and can be customized to suit individual skill situations and preferences. The app uses a combination of videotape tutorials, distance music, passion plates, and audio recordings, along with microphone and touch technology, to give real-time feedback on playing delicacy and timing.

Yousician MOD APK

Yousician mod apk

100 announcement-free literacy Online announcements make it redoubtable to learn all the videotape lectures in the sanctioned Yousician operation. And the worst part is that it will not ever let you watch a single assignment occasion without decoration plan interruptions. So download the Yousician Premium Mod Apk to bypass this problem since this MOD APK is 100 announcement-free and blocks ultra-expensive plan advertisements too. Download and enjoy.

Main Feature of the Yousician MOD APK

Interactive Assignments Yousician provides step-by-step assignments for guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, singing, and songwriting with videotape tutorials, distance music, passion plates, and audio recordings. The Real-Time Feedback app uses a microphone and touch technology to provide real-time feedback on drag and playing time, helping drag players improve their chops. Customizable Content Dragees can customize their assignments to suit their skill status and preferences, and choose from a wide range of stripes and styles, including gems, pop, classical, and more. PROGRESS TRACKING Drugs can track their progress over time and see how far they’ve come, as well as set goals and milestones for themselves. The Song Library app provides access to a library of popular songs, with assignments and tutorials to play and rehearse. Global community Yousician provides a community of dragging from around the world, where dragging can connect with other musicians, attend their guests, and take part in challenges and competitions. With a Personal Feedback Decoration subscription, accept candid feedback from Dragi Yousian’s cohort of music gurus and get unlimited access to song assignments and videotaped tutorials.

Yousician MOD APK

Contains song exercises with app users

Users can practice and play along to songs, work on specific skills and techniques, and track their progress over time. The app also provides access to a global community of Yousician users, where users can share their experiences and connect with other musicians.

Yousician Premium version of the learning app

Yousician offers a free version of the app with limited access to lessons and features and a premium subscription service, which provides full access to the app’s content and tools. The premium version also includes personalized feedback from Yousician’s team of music teachers and unlimited access to song lessons and video tutorials. Well, it’s a tardy app which is the most satisfactory option if you are going to learn to sing and play musical instruments. But it’s a freemium operation that contains a decoration subscription consisting of multitudinous features like announcement-free literacy, free challenges, Faster results, and the support of all assignments for all five aqueducts. This decoration subscription costs598.00 INR per month to unlock all the decoration features. But still, we are then holding your right hand and immolation you Yousician Premium Mod Apk. It’s the decoration revision of Yousician which we have created with multitudinous scripts. It will help you a lot in beginning your musical trip from scrape and getting a pro.

Yousician MOD APK


Yousician is a comprehensive music education platform that provides druggies with the tools and coffers to learn and facilitate their chops, whether just starting out or looking to take their playing to the coming position. With its interactive and engaging assignments, real-time feedback, and probative community, Yousician is an excellent option for anyone looking to learn or ameliorate their game.