Wrestling Empire Mod Apk 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money/Pro Unlocked)

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May 09, 2024
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Android 5.1
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MOD 1 Info?
  • Pro package purchase free
  • Pro Unlocked
  • Every time you log in to the game, press the button that says “Upgrade” on the main screen, it is enough to press the “Subscribe” or “Resubscribe” button in the opened section. PRO membership package will be active


Wrestling Empire is a sports game developed by MDickie, a British inventor. The game is available on colorful platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The game is a professional wrestling simulator that allows players to produce their wrestlers and contend in colorful wrestling matches.

Wrestling Empire Mod Apk

They are some of the essential features of Wrestling Empire Produce 

Your Wrestler

One of the name features of Wrestling Empire is the capability to produce your wrestler. Players can customize their wrestler’s appearance, moves, entrance music, and indeed their backstory. This customization point adds a special touch to the game, allowing players to produce a wrestler that matches their personality or imagination.

Multiple Wrestling Leagues

Wrestling Empire features multiple wrestling leagues, each with its style and wrestlers. Players can choose to contend in World Championship Wrestling( WCW), Extreme Hardcore Wrestling( EHW), or Wrestling Alliance Revolution( WAR) among others. Each league has its champion, rankings, and unique stories, adding variety and excitement.

Different Wrestling Matches

Wrestling Empire features colorful wrestling matches, including mates, label platoon,  triadic trouble, and royal rumble matches. Each match has its rules,  objects, and challenges, adding depth to the gameplay. The game also features different match types,  similar to road fights, graduation matches,  pen matches, and table matches.

Wrestling Empire Mod Apk

Director Mode

In Wrestling Empire, players can also play as a  director, guiding their wrestlers to their palms. Players can manage their wrestler’s training, contracts, and matches while erecting their character and success.

In-depth Career Mode

The game’s career mode allows players to produce a wrestler and work their way up the species, starting from small wrestling elevations to the big leagues. Along the way, players can produce battles, form alliances, and share stories that affect their wrestler’s career line.

Multiplayer Mode

Wrestling Empire features a multiplayer mode that allows players to contend against each other online. Players can produce their wrestlers, customize their attributes, and maintain matches against other players from around the world.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

Wrestling Empire’s controls are easy to learn and intuitive, allowing players to concentrate on the action in the ring. The game uses a combination of buttons and gestures to perform moves, making it accessible to players of all skill situations.

Wrestling Empire Mod Apk

Dynamic AI

The game’s AI is dynamic and responsive,  conforming to the player’s conduct and strategy. This point adds unpredictability to the game, making each match unique and grueling.

Realistic Plates and Sound

Wrestling Empire features realistic plates and sound goods, creating an immersive wrestling experience. The game’s attention to detail,  similar to the wrestler’s facial expressions, body movements, and crowd responses, adds to the literalism and excitement of the game.

Regular Updates

The game’s inventor, MDickie, regularly updates Wrestling Empire, adding new features, wrestlers, and stories. These updates keep the game fresh and engaging,  icing players always having commodities new to experience.

Wrestling Empire Mod Apk


Wrestling Empire is a fantastic sports game that allows players to produce their wrestlers,  contend in colorful wrestling matches, and manage their wrestler’s careers. With its multiple wrestling leagues, different match types, and intuitive controls, the game provides a realistic and immersive wrestling experience. Whether you are a  deep wrestling addict or a casual gamer, Wrestling Empire is a game worth checking out.