People suffer because we cannot deal with FAILURE. Gandhi says it is good to fail. It is not a problem to spend effort and not succeed in your mission. “Effort is complete victory”. We Irish people do not fail, we bury our heads and see no benefit from the experience. We all read several books or interviews, because successful entrepreneurs learn much more from failure than from success.

They have these flaws at different times, some at the beginning of their careers and others during their careers, but they all have the same thing to say about failure, they learned from it and grew up with it. In some cases, they were more proud of an unsuccessful project because they knew they gave everything and, just as Gandhi realized it was “total effort total victory”.

  • Failure is a different thing, because you are lazy or the project is affected by outside forces that cannot be included in your business plan
  • such as the recession. Despite all your efforts, you were unable to carry out the project, but that was not a lack of effort. He competes to the best of his ability to make a sporting analogy, but
  • you can’t win because your opponent had a better day than you. So you have to accept and continue. Do not fight because it is meaningless.

Total effort can be of interest to both life and business!
We must take credit for all the effort and enjoy the victory. Some of these projects can be very different. They don’t have to be work related. They can be related to family relationships, they can be related to hobby, diet or fitness. At the top of the story, I said it didn’t matter who knew the private win. It can be sweeter for privacy. We must always be willing to accept that we cannot be right, but when we do, we must give ourselves credit for our success.

We don’t like Irish compliments, we divert them as if it somehow infected us. This usually takes the form of intelligence or cynicism and is incredibly deeply rooted in the makeup we do as Irish. It was as if we couldn’t afford to succeed and we certainly wouldn’t let anyone know that we were successful. Because even if these people claim that they are not as successful as you are, it offends the other person.

Can we enjoy the “victory”?
Aren’t we going to have fun with victory? Why don’t we let ourselves sunbathe in our own glory? Because? Allowed. This is not a sin. You don’t have to be pregnant. It just has to be real. If someone the size of Mahatma Gandhi says he is good, then he is good enough for me. You don’t have to show your victory to go to hell with beggars.

“Complete effort is complete victory” and must be treated and enjoyed in this way. It is up to you to make it public or private. From time to time, we can all benefit from applause. Life would be much easier for us if we learned to treat twin fraudsters with success and failure.

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